♦ Ask for referrals

As you start the hunt for a skilled renovator, check with friends or relatives for recommendations, or use the internet to find a few promising candidates. Additionally, the company that supplies the various fixtures for your bathroom renovations Auckland may be able to provide you with a renovator suggestion. Their recommendations can be valuable and ultimately save you the trouble of seeking someone out to oversee the project. For clients who had their renovation done by the recommended renovator, ask if they would employ the same contractor for their project again. Their answers can give you a clear overview of the renovator’s work.


♦ Look at credentials

On getting the most recommended renovators, contact them to find out if they have the necessary skills and licenses for your remodeling. Remember, bathroom renovation involves various tasks such as dealing with plumbing, tile replacements, lighting and much more. Therefore, do not take chances on just any renovator if you need your entire bathroom remodeled. Avoid renovators with a license in one job such as tiling when you also need to install new pipes or showers. Find out for one with a license to achieve all tasks you need to be done and one with required skills and experience. Also, research if the renovator you choose has a warranty for the job to be undertaken. Insurance helps you avoid obligation if an accident occurs in the task hence avoid additional liability.

♦ Interview your candidates

If you wish, arrange separate interviews with several contractors so they can view the work area, learn about the job and provide realistic bids. Interviewing helps you narrow down to the best contractor especially when you find it difficult to conclude on the right one from the several available. Take this opportunity to ask for their prices as well as the time management plan. If you have a timeline for your project, ask if they can complete it based on your deadline. How well a contractor communicates in the interview might just give you the best contractor to hire.

♦ Check for references

If you can get a chance to look at any before and after photos of past clients projects that the renovator has completed for other bathroom remodel jobs, it is a great opportunity for you to see what type of services they provide. The more photo examples, the better and the more experience it proves the contractor has. Hence, when interviewing the prospect renovators, ask them to give you some of the pictures of their works.


♦ Get it in writing

After narrowing down to the renovator of your choice, get the terms and conditions of your dealings in writing. The agreement should state the price, the scope of work, method of payment, and all other details related to the engagement. Having these aspects documented helps relieve any misunderstanding that may arise before completing the job.


Select one with a good history of performance, references and overall price. However, remember that the cheapest bid is not necessarily the best one to choose. Some low bids may be using cheap, inferior products and the final cost of the job could be much more than originally suggested. However, this does not mean that the most expensive renovator is necessarily the best. Therefore, choose your bathroom renovator based on the steps above and not on the price they charge.