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Benefits of LED Bulbs ?

A homeowner that desires to reduce some of the house’s expenditures and bills should be thinking about the LED bulbs. LED bulbs are the latest technological advancement that is energy efficient which help cut down some expenses. These bulbs use modern LED lighting technology which is known to have incredible longevity and improved efficiency when compared to the tradition lighting.

An easy way to demonstrate the energy efficiency of the LED bulbs is by comparing them with the incandescent bulb. The LED bulbs can produce a similar light output while using 4 watts while the traditional bulbs would need 60 watts to generate the same lumens. The only drawback of using the LED bulbs is that they are relatively expensive. Investing in the LED bulbs is one of the most realistic investments a homeowner should consider since it aims at reducing the total energy expenditure which could even be 25% of the whole home expenses.
Reasons why LED bulbs are worth your money.

Energy Efficient
According to Ben from The main benefit of switching to LED bulbs is their amazing ability to conserve and save on energy. The traditional bulbs mostly use up a small portion of the electricity to produce light while the rest of the energy produced is converted into heat. This makes the energy expenses hike and using the LED bulbs could be the only solution to this problem.

The LED technology enhances the longevity of this upgraded bulbs. There emerges a huge parity when comparing the traditional bulbs since the LED bulbs may have lifespan100,000 hours. The traditional bulbs may have a lifespan of 1500 hours which doesn’t give the value of your money back.

LED bulbs are made of the recent technology which adheres to the environmental safety practices and measures. They are more environmental friendly since they don’t emit a lot of energy and other harmful elements.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Restumping Your House


A home that is built on timber stump will require restumping and re-blocking over time. Most old homes have their foundation made of timber stumps which lead to serious problems over time. Timber stumps are prey to termites, and they rot when they are continuously exposed to moisture. Restumping is a major makeover, and it is not limited to repair or enhance the appearance of the house. Restumping and re-blocking are ideal restoration work when your house starts showing cracks on the floor or the walls. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider restumping and re-blocking your house.

  • Fixing windows and doors

Damage stumps often result to uneven floors, and this can lead to misaligned doors and windows. In the case of a misalignment, you will notice that your doors and windows may not open or close easily. Misalignment of windows and doors is a sure signal that your house needs restumping. It is advisable not just to fix the windows and doors when you notice a misalignment. If you don’t consider restumping, the problem could get bigger and the repairs more enormous.

  • Repairing floor damage

When there are damaged stumps, the floors of your house can become uneven. In such case, the overall appearance of the house can get destroyed. If you have a beautifully decorated and designed home and the floors become uneven, all the decorations in your house go to waste. Cracks can be seen on the floor if some portions are not fully supported an indication that the stumps have deteriorated. Also, if the stumps have already deteriorated, you might notice squeaking sounds when you walk on the floor. According to When the floor gets damaged, it becomes visually unappealing and can be dangerous. With damaged stumps, the floor becomes unstable. Restumping and re-blocking are the ideal solutions to such problems.

  • Prevents the house from floods

Restumping is an ideal opportunity to get the house raised if it is lying in a flood-prone area. If that is the case, you need to hire professionals who can offer restumping services using technologically advanced tools to lift the house. During the lifting process, the stumps are replaced with strong and sturdier materials. Reputable professionals can install new stumps which can be a base to elevate the house and in the process leaving an extra flow space below. This can be very helpful if your house frequently faces problems whenever a storm hits the area.

  • Installing better stumps

These days, restumping is done suing concrete stumps or galvanized steel. Galvanized steel and concrete stumps are not susceptible to the weakness, and that wood stumps have. Concrete stumps don’t wrap over time, cannot be damaged by termites and they do not rot. Steel stumps are adjustable on-site thus are ideal when it comes to installation as they can save you a great deal of effort and time. Therefore, it is important that you have the process to the highest standard and professionally. Having restumping professionally done is vital to the structural integrity of your house.